• Live Blood Analysis & Quantum Body Scan

    This 2-hour session includes a review of your health matrix, Live Blood Analysis, Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Analysis, and a personalised Map to Better Health.

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  • Quantum Resonance Magnetic Body Analysis

    Get a bird's eye view of your body's health in minutes! During this 1-hour session we will perform a scan followed by an in-depth discussion of your results.

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  • Quantum Pathogen and Body Scan & Therapy

    Learn where disease may be present in the body, and which pathogens may be responsible for the development thereof. During this 90-minute session we will perform the scan, discuss results and apply therapy if required.

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  • OptiWay Food Sensitivity Test

    Discover which foods are fueling your disease with this simple finger prick test. The OptiWay Food Sensitivity Test takes the gueswork out of your healing protocol.

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  • Online Consultations

    You have health concerns you would like to address through diet and lifestyle. We offer online consultations for those unable to travel. During this 90-minute session we will review your health matrix and you will receive a Map to Better Health based on the information provided.

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  • Gesundheit with Jolandi Coaching Journey

    A lifechanging journey of self-discovery where you'll identify and eradicate limiting beliefs and destructive habits, whilst fostering new and uplifting habits, transforming your body and health.

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  • Health Talks by Jolandi

    Want to inspire your employees, colleagues, or friends to improve their health? Jolandi is available to address your group at Gesundheit Zentrum or your chosen venue, on a myriad of subjects.

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Need assistance? Please don't hesitate to contact us on 082 771 2638.

Meet our Practitioner

Jolandi is a certified Live Blood Analyst and Functional Medicine Health Coach. She has been practicing Live Blood Analysis since 2018 and completed her Functional Medicine Healh Coaching certification in 2022. Jolandi is currently furthering her studies in Nutritional Therapy.

Jolandi's passion for helping others improve their health was born through her mother's journey with Parkinson's as well as her own health journey.