Live Blood Analysis

Achieve optimal health by identifying your body's hidden imbalances with one prick.


This finger prick test performed by our Certified Live and Dried Blood Analyst, may help to uncover why you are:

  • Fatigued
  • Sick
  • Not losing weight
  • Suffering from headaches
  • Suffering from allergies
  • Experiencing digestive issues
  • Experiencing recurrent infections
  • and much more!
This insightful test helps to take the guesswork out of choosing the correct diet, lifestyle and supplements for your unique body. 

By analyzing your live blood under a microscope, we can uncover many hidden imbalances, including:

Nutritional imbalances, Anti-Oxidant Levels, Mineral Imbalances, Immune Weakness, Adrenal Stress, Hydration Levels, Acidity, Digestive Problems, Liver Stress,  Kidney Stress, Oxidative Stress, Circulatory Congestion & Poor Tissue Oxygenation, Cellular Fatigue, Lymphatic Congestion, Anaemia, Bowel Toxicity & Inflammation, Parasite Activity, Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity, Yeast/Candida

How is a Live Blood Analysis performed?

A drop of blood is collected from the client's finger and placed under a special microscope equipped with a high definition camera linked to a television screen.  This enables the client to see their own magnified blood on a television screen whilst the practitioner analyses it.

Examples of Live and Dried Blood Images


Seeing your own magnified blood helps you to connect to your body on a whole different level and a powerful motivator to change ones habits and behaviors.

What to expect from the consultation:

The session is about 2 hours long.  The practitioner will first conduct an in-depth questionnaire covering your medical background, health concerns, current diet and lifestyle before proceeding with the finger prick test.  Your blood images will be projected onto a television screen whilst the practitioner explains to you what they see.  The practitioner will make recommendations with regards to your diet, lifestyle and supplementation (if necessary) to help restore balance to your body.



Consultation - R450
Written report with blood images and personalized recommendations - R250