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о̄hm Diffuser 400ml with Bluetooth Speaker

о̄hm Diffuser 400ml with Bluetooth Speaker

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There is nothing more beautiful than a sweet-smelling home or office. Now you can use natural essential oils in an attractive aroma diffuser to infuse your space with harmonious and lasting scents, without having to resort to sprays full of chemicals! PLUS you can use the Bluetooth function to add music of your choice to enhance atmosphere or meditation - truly unique!

  • Ultrasonic technology to create a soft environment by adding essential oils.
  • Use it to improve your home’s atmosphere, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect your family from the excessively dry season, dust, and more.
  • Suitable for spas, salons, offices, kids' rooms, living rooms, etc.
  • Scan the APP barcode and download the APP, and control all the functions from your mobile phone.
  • Plays music via Bluetooth speaker (wonderful to use during meditation!)
  • Refreshes and moisturizes the air.
  • Safe for children and pregnant women.
  • The diffuser will switch off automatically when time is up or water runs out (safer, especially for children)
  • The LED can be set to 7 different gentle and soothing colors.

Light: Warm light & 7 color LED light
Product size: 178x178x97 mm
Features: Humidifier, Aroma diffuser, Bluetooth speaker

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