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Natroceutics Sulforaphane Complex

Natroceutics Sulforaphane Complex

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Natroceutics Sulforaphane Complex combines two powerful bioactives, Sulforaphane and TetraSOD® to deliver potent effects on detoxification and cellular defence pathways in the human body. This is achieved in large through the activation of the Nrf2 signalling pathway which is known to regulate more than 250 genes.

Product Features

Cellular defence
Increase Glutathione, SOD, Catalase
Protects DNA
Supports healthy aging
Healthy inflammatory response
Support gastrointestinal function


Each capsule contains:
Brassica oleracea L. (broccoli) 680mg
[sprouts; 12:1 dry powder standardised to yield 10mg of sulforaphane]
Tetraselmis chuii (chlorophyte microalgae) 25mg
[TetraSOD® lyophilised powder; standardised to provide a minimum of 750 units of superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity]

Pack size

30 Plant based Capsules


Do not exceed more than 1 capsule per day unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner. Increase water intake during use. Detoxification effects may be experienced.

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