AIM Mag-nificence CWR bath additive

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AIM Mag-nificence CWR bath additive


Magnesium may be one of the most essential elements to living organisms.  Its function in the human body is vast - everything from electrolyte maintenance to metabolism to heart health and so much more can be traced back to magnesium.  Supplemental magnesium can help create a body in balance and lead to improved health in a number of areas.

Mag-nificence CWR is a bath additive that may also be applied to the skin for transdermal absorption.

  • Critical for energy production at a cellular level
  • Supports healthy bones, teeth, heart tissues, and brain cells
  • Relaxes muscles and eases athletic injury
  • Lessens or eliminates headache pain
  • Natural cellular protectant
  • Restores cellular magnesium levels
  • Facilitates safe and effective detoxification
  • Involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions


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Water, magnesium chloride, titanium dioxide, mica mineral


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