zenii Elite - Counter Top Hydrogen Water Bar


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zenii Elite - Counter Top Hydrogen Water Bar


Not only does this water bar provide Hydrogen rich water, it also effectively removes chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and bacteria from water and supplies hot water within 3 seconds.  

Benefits of molecular Hydrogen include

  • Reduces fatigue & boosts vitality
  • Remedy for allergies
  • Promote cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health
  • Cancer prevention & treatment
  • Beneficial in the management of diabetes
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps prevent & reverse degenerative diseases
  • Anti-Ageing properties
  • Aids in the slimming process as it helps with detoxification
  • Improves memory & cognitive function.

Benefits for athletes

  • Decreases blood lactate levels which reduces muscle fatigue and thereby increases peak power output.
  • Faster return to normal joint range of motion for both flexion and extension of the injured limb.

Allow 8-10 work days for delivery of this product. 

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