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Soy Inner Beauty Candle

Soy Candles

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Soy Inner Beauty Candle


Inner Beauty improves relaxation, tranquillity & calm with rose, benzoin & mandarine essential oils.

Soy Candles offers so much more than normal candles.  They are made from 100% natural soybean wax blended with essential oils.  Soybean wax burns at only 2 degrees above body temperature.  This means that you can dip your finger in the wax and apply it to your skin.

  • Use the melted wax as a moisturizer
  • Apply to dry and/or cracked knees, elbows, and heels
  • Apply to damaged skin from cuts, scrapes, or burns

Soy Candles are eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and carcinogen-free.




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