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Raw Love Bed Time Treats

Raw Love

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Raw Love Bed Time Treats


Raw Love Bed Time Treats are delicious healthy bedtime biscuits for pets! Made with organic Chamomile & Passion Flowers, these biscuits will help your pets feel calm and relaxed and sleep tight! Dogs, as well as cats, will love these cute moon-shape delicious, natural grain-free biscuits!


  • Pure goodness for dogs as well as cats
  • Wheat Free Biscuits with organic Chamomile and Passion Flowers
  • Helps to promote sleep, relax nerves as well as reduce stress
  • No added fat, salt, sugar, xylitol, preservatives or other harmful additives


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Lentil flour, free-range eggs, raw honey, organic Chamomile flowers, organic Passiflora, organic coconut oil, baking soda   Contains no added spices, salt, sugar, xylitol, preservatives or colourants


Directions for use

Use as a night time treat to relax dogs and cats

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