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Qi Organic Detox Tea


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Qi Organic Detox Tea


Qi Detox Tea is a fruity, refreshing, and cleansing tea with dandelion root and milk thistle.  Qi energy herbs help to restore the balance and harmony of our bodies.  The stresses of fast busy lives, air pollution, excess sugars, fats, alcohol, or tobacco can all contribute to overworked bodies and loss of Qi energy.

Dandelion root and milk thistle seed work together and in harmony with green tea’s diuretic properties to cleanse the system and restore its own natural balance and harmony.

Qi Detox tea has a fresh lemon and orange taste which is further enhanced with fennel seeds, ginger, licorice, and peppermint leaf.


Pack Size

25 Bags



Green Tea*F (66%), dandelion root* (10%), milk thistle* (10%), peppermint leaf*, licorice*, ginger*, fennel seeds*, natural orange flavour* and natural lemon flavour*


* Organically grown ingredients F (%) Fairtrade ingredients certified to international Fairtrade standards.


Additional Information

Our fine China teas are ethically sourced from independent farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high-quality teas.  They are grown on small farms, in an environmentally protected area, high in the Yellow Mountains of Southern China.

All packaging is 100% recyclable and made from renewable resources

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