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Pannatural Pet Toothbrush

Pannatural Pets

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Pannatural Pet Toothbrush


Brushing your dog’s teeth is one of the best things you can do to prevent periodontal disease. Made with  100% natural materials this toothbrush will help prevent tartar buildup, promote healthy gums and freshen your dog’s breath. Ideal for dogs and cats.


  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Ensures tip-top dental health
  • Gentle on your pet’s gum and enamel, yet effective in cleaning their teeth
  • Made from 100% natural biodegradable Mao bamboo and has BPA free nylon bristles
  • Eco-friendly 


Direction on use

Wet toothbrush and apply the toothpaste. Lift your pet’s muzzle to gently brush teeth and gums. Tip: Start with a few quick brushes of the front teeth and slowly add to the routine until you get all of their teeth.

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