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Ozone Hemp Healing Gel

Ozone Company

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Ozone Hemp Healing Gel - Gesundheit


Ozone Hemp Healing Gel is a pure 'ozonated hemp seed oil' which contains no additives, colourants, preservatives or fragrances whatsoever. Ozonated hemp oil has very potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and offers very rapid results.

Modern technology has allowed for the development of highly advanced Ozone generators. Oxygen is passed through high voltage fields simulating a lightning storm and Ozone is created.

Through their unique process and with many years of experience, Ozone Company has been able to perfect what is known as 'Ozonated Hemp Seed Oil'. Ozone Hemp Healing Gel has a 'honey' like consistency and because of the high Ozone content, will remain stable and effective at least a year if stored below 10°C.


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Recommended Use

Skin ailments such as: eczema, stubborn fungal infections, wounds and all other applications where a very strong healing and sterilising agent is needed.


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