LuluBee Bread Wraps


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LuluBee Bread Wraps


Now you can wrap that tasty loaf of bread in a Bread Wrap! Wrap homemade bread or a bought loaf from a market. The wrap will keep your bread fresher, and the best part, no more plastic! You can even cover a large salad bowl, casserole dish, watermelon or pumpkin. How about using your Bread Wrap as a “Couche” to proof dough and baked goods.

The Bread Wrap is reusable and can be gently hand washed between uses. Wash with COLD, mildly soapy water, rinse in fresh clean cold water and place on the drying rack inside to dry.

Made from 100% cotton, plant-based dyes, beeswax, tree resin & carrier oil.

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