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lifematrix Unflavoured MCT Oil 250ml


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lifematrix Unflavoured MCT Oil 250ml


MCT Oils are used as a natural performance enhancer by athletes.  Lifematrix MCT Oil helps to improve energy levels and helps your body to burn fat, making it a great performance booster and a healthy weight management supplement.  Diabetics may also benefit from including MCT oil in their diets as it improves blood sugar regulation. MCTs are fatty acids that bypass the normal digestion process which means that your body instantly converts them into pure energy. 


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Pure MCT Oil. MCT Oil from palm kernels ad coconuts in a 60/40 ratio of Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids



If you are new to MCT's start with a small amount (1 tsp) and slowly build up.  
Do not cook with MCT Oil.

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