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Lavender Scented Candle

Lavender Hill

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Lavender Scented Candle


Create a peaceful, relaxing ambiance in your home with this candle from Lavender in Lavender Hill.  It is made with pure essential lavender oil and lavender flowers.  

Lavender in Lavender Hill is a business located in Cape Town, South Africa.  They are driven by social responsibility, community-upliftment, job creation, and entrepreneur development in underprivileged communities throughout Cape Town.  Lavender in Lavender Hill produces all-natural handmade lavender home, body, and food products of high quality with healing benefits! All ingredients used are organic, free from petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and harmful chemicals.  Promoting the earth, community-upliftment, and luxurious products!






80mm (H)



Candle wax, lavender essential oil, lavender flowers

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