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Tupperware Green Eco Bottle 310ml

Tupperware Green Eco Bottle 310ml

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Be "Eco" with Tupperware's Eco Bottles. Help prevent billions of unrecycled, disposable bottles from ending up in landfills, forests or oceans; taking an estimated 1,000 years to biodegrade and choose a refillable and reusable Eco Bottle.

Product Features

• The Eco Bottle 310ml is the perfect and sustainable solution for transporting water or any other beverages in a school bag, handbag or backpack.
• The bottle can be used on the go as well as in the fridge and the liquid-tight screw cap prevents any spillages.
• The tab on the screw cap makes the Eco Bottle easy to open.
• The opening is comfortable to drink from when using on the go and drinking directly from the bottle.
• The bottle is stable on the table and countertop.
• It is reusable and ecologic.
• The specific design on the outside allows a perfect grip.


1 x 310ml Bottle

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