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Golden Nag Champa Agarbathi


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Golden Nag Champa Agarbathi


Agarbathi Natural Incense are carefully hand-rolled using natural materials and will bring an authentic, exotic fragrance into your home with a delicate mix of Indian spices, flowers and herbs. 

  • All-natural hand-rolled incense
  • Quality handcrafted incense sticks
  • Made with real spices and essential oils
  • No synthetic perfumes; no harsh fumes
  • Ethically produced, no child labour
  • Ozone-friendly
  • Packaged in a recyclable box


Pack Size

1 x Box 15gsm


How to use

Burn this incense when you want to encourage a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Use incense in a ventilated room and avoid directly breathing in smoke. Never leave to burn without supervision. 

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