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AllisOne Arthro Synergy


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AllisOne Arthro Synergy - Gesundheit


Arthro Synergy is an excellent tonic for athletes and active children, facilitating the aerobic function of the muscles and lubricating the articular joint system. It also promotes post-athletic recovery when muscles or joints become stiff after exercise or exertion. It helps to reduce inflammation, and assists in the treatment of prediagnosed arthritis and gout.*

Arthro Synergy is an excellent tonic for sportsmen and women in that it promotes the aerobic function of the muscles. During endurance events, it may be used every 20 - 30 minutes, or dissolved in a water bottle and sipped frequently. If prone to muscle cramping, add Mag Phos or Osteo Synergy.



Arthro Synergy contains the equivalent of five individual tissue salts:

  • Calc Fluor - Promotes elasticity and flexibility of the ligaments and cartilage
  • Kali Sulph - Facilitates cellular respiration and oxygenation of the muscles
  • Nat Phos - Assists in the elimination of excess acid and consequent soreness of muscles or arthritic joints
  • Silicea - Cleanses and maintains the connective tissues
  • Ferrum Phos - Assists oxygen uptake in the blood and helps to reduce inflammation

Consult your practitioner if symptoms persist after *6 weeks.


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