Aggression Formula

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Aggression Formula


Feelgood Pets Aggression Formula is a gentle homeopathic remedy that will help to reduce aggressive and anxious behaviours in your dog or cat. An ideal supplement for pets that are highly strung or agitated, as well as those showing signs of jealousy while you introduce a new animal or baby into your home. A safe and effective natural remedy, made in South Africa and packaged in glass. Quick-dissolving granules for easy dosing.


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Scutellaria (D3), Chamomilla (D3), Belladonna (30C), Arsen Alb (30C), Hepar sulph (30C), Sucrose (Inactive Ingredient).



  • Sprinkle granules directly into your pet’s mouth & hold closed briefly to dissolve, or mix into wet food.
  • Initial dose every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses. Thereafter 3 times daily.
  • Cats & small dogs: 1 pinch.
  • Small to medium dogs: 2 pinches.
  • Medium to large dogs: ¼ capful.


Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Please consult your veterinarian if symptoms persist. 

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