Understanding Loss Workshop

Presented by Marisa Da Fonseca Wollheim - Holistic Trainer and Counsellor


Date: Saturday, 23 September 2023

Time: 09:30 - 12:30

Investment: R300

Venue: Gesundheit Zentrum, 14 Fir Road, Greenhills, Randfontein

Bookings:  Marisa 076 649 3989


About this Workshop

What is Loss?...
Death... Rejection ... Grief… Job loss... Trauma... Loss of Faith... Self Doubt... Failing an exam... Divorce... Abuse... Loss of Self... Abortion... Constant criticism... Diagnosed with a disease, and many more!
Understanding Loss and the impact it has on us.
Loss is a Reality of Life that will affect every human on Earth at some time or another. We don’t know what, how, when, and by whom, yet we ALL get affected by loss. And, as we are Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit, we experience loss on all those levels which may cause us to feel overwhelmed and confused.
Understanding the Process of loss and how it affects us can equip us to cope better and assist us in knowing how to hear and support those around us, also going through loss. For we never experience loss alone.
This Powerful Workshop will change your Life! In this 3-hour session, plus time for questions & answers, you will gain knowledge, insight and understanding about loss – presented in a fun, yet sensitive way to relate to this reality of life!

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