Gesundheit wishes you a blessed 2022!

Inner Healing Guidance

Embark on your inner healing journey with Pastor Ansa.

You are a unique soul.  You are here to find joy in everything this life has to offer.
It is time to clear your mind of toxic thoughts and redirect destructive emotions so you may reach your soul's full potential.  Fall in love again with the beautiful, eternal being of light and love that you are.  Find and live your soul's truth and ultimate purpose in this life.  
I am Ansa Botes.  An ordained pastor born in 1962 to make a difference in this world.  In 1974 I started listening to people and their needs.  Even though life has thrown quite a few curveballs my way, I still live fully in every moment, knowing who and what I am.  Life happens, as they say, but what do we make of it?  How we react in every situation determines our experience.
My wish is to help you find inner peace so you may heal on all levels.
Contact 082 771 2638 to book an appointment with me.