Health Coaching

Make lasting lifestyle changes

Making lasting lifestyle and diet changes is a bit more tricky than "just doing it"!  It takes motivation, perseverance and someone to support and cheer you on along the way.  It's actually a lot like running a marathon or participating in a rally.
You'll start out motivated and strong and things will go well at first.  After a while, the motivation may fizzle a little and you might wonder why you embarked on these journey in the first place.  Before you know it you are right back where you started. 
This is why you need someone to support you on your journey and remind you of your "why".
I am Jolandi and I am a candidate Institute for Functional Medicine Health Coach.  I have been helping people change their lives since 2017 as a Certified Live Blood Analyst and Applied Nutrition Microscopist.  This means that I am able to tell people what is "wrong" with their bodies and also what they can do to correct it.  Through the years I have found that only about 10% of my clients made sustainable changes to their behavior after seeing me.  That just wasn't good enough for me!  I wanted to see more people change their behavior for the better.  I wanted to make a bigger impact!  I wanted to know how I can change my own approach in order for my clients to achieve better results.  The answer was HEALTH COACHING! 

How it works

You can book 30-minute coaching sessions with me.  The sessions take place via Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call, or telephonically. 


During these sessions I will help you:

  • Discover your “why”
  • Unlock your unique personal strengths
  • Define your own unique SMART goals
  • Stay accountable for achieving your goals
  • Stay motivated
  • Achieve your health & lifestyle goals!


Book a FREE, no obligation introductory session today!  Contact Lorna on 082 771 2638 or to make a booking.