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Quantum Pathogen and Body Scanning

"Everything in life is Vibration." - Albert Einstein

Every organ, cell and pathogen in the human body has its own unique vibration.  When an organ is diseased its vibration changes.  Similarly, if a pathogen (virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus, etc.) exists in the body, its unique vibration will be present.

Our Quantum Pathogen and Body Scanner can detect these vibrations, identifying where disease may be developing (or is already present) in the body and which pathogens may be responsible for the development of such diseases.
Disease may also develop due to other blockages in the system caused by pollution in the body such as chemicals, solvents, heavy metals and even toxic emotions and trauma.  The scanner helps us to identify these blockages so they may be removed.

How is a Quantum Pathogen and Body Scan performed

The scanner is connected to a computer.  The client puts on a set of earphones through which the machine delivers various signals to the brain and central nervous system whilst checking for resonance.  The information gathered by the computer is then interpreted by the practitioner.

The person being scanned does not feel or hear anything.  They may however experience a sense of relaxation.

The duration of a pathogen and body scan is between 30 and 90 minutes depending on how in depth the practitioner needs to scan.